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Stress-free Event Planning

Get your DJ, catering, event equipment, and logistics handled in just one click.

Before Bennu Estates

Before I found them organizing an event was so stressful that I couldn’t even enjoy it. I booked a different venue and then it was a never ending series of calls to book every other service I needed like vetting caterers, DJs, event rental equipment tables and chairs, getting printed materials.

 Everybody has different terms and prices, agreements and communication styles. Then, I still had to manage all these people once they got to the event. 

Then some of the vendors wanted to change prices on me at the last minute. I was scrambling just to get extra money to keep them. Plus, it was horrible to have to step out of my event to handle payments to the onsite vendors while my event was still going on. 

By the end of afternoon, I was so exhausted I couldn’t even remember what had happened, and I barely saw any of my guests.

After Booking Bennu Estates

At the Bennu filled out one form, had one private call, got one bill, and then everything else was done for me. They gave the best catering, DJ, signs, lighting, handled all the logistics, and everything was streamlined. This is the first time I’ve been able to organize an event and enjoy it at the same time.

The place is so beautiful, and the staff is so helpful. This is now where I book my activities. I had a tented 25 year anniversary party in January and an outdoor yoga retreat in May. Both were amazing and unforgettable. I think the Big Tree is good luck and we loved taking pics with it. I recommend this place to everyone.

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